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Risen 2 : Dark Waters
Developer: Piranha Bytes Publisher: Deep Silver Category: RPGRelease date: 27 April 2012Official site  
 25 June 2012

Risen 2 demo on Steam

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For those of you that missed the start, Risen 2 now has a demo on Steam. Check out our Risen 2 review also.  
 29 May 2012

Risen 2 review

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We have our own review for Risen 2 Dark Waters : I was not in such a hurry to finish Risen 2 for a number of reasons the first being that I hate waiting years for the next Piranha Bytes game. The second is that mod game a patch was announced f...
 10 May 2012

The Making of Risen 2 episode 6

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While you're at it, check out Piranha Bytes as they explain the decision system in Risen 2.  
 9 May 2012

Risen 2 patched big time

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Epic patch is epic. Knowing this Piranha Bytes just released on Steam a patch for Risen 2 Dark Waters that amongst graphics fixes and stuff adds a dodge move as many players whined about it. Full changes : Features - Players can now bloc...
 8 May 2012

Risen 2 Launch Trailer ahoy

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Aye we're playing Risen 2 thank you very fu**in' much ! How about you mateys, are you enjoying the pirate adventure ? Did you read the review ?
 30 March 2012

Funny civilized americans

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Check out the two images below. They are the covers of Risen 2 and Dead Island for Europe and the rest of the world and North America respectively. Can you spot the diferences ? :) Then can you guess which is which ?     ...
 5 February 2012

Making of Risen 2 video part 3

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Arrrg mateys! Check out the latest in the "making-of" series videos Piranha Bytes is putting out in the eve of an April Risen 2 launch.   Was it techical enough for ye ? :)
 2 February 2012

Risen 2 DLC Treasure Isle preorder bonus

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A DLC given as preorder bonus for Risen 2 Dark Waters scheduled for an April release was announced a couple od days back. Here's the official word : "Story DLC “Treasure Isle” exclusive! Experience an exciting new ...
 26 November 2011

The making of Risen 2 video part 1

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Here's Piranha Bytes taking about...well Risen 2 of course :)  
 6 November 2011

Piranha Bytes, World of Risen and Deep Silver are looking for a storyteller

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Your story starts on the coast of an almost forgotten island – the ‘Isle of Thieves’. The Nameless Hero has been marooned on a picturesque beach on the coast of the mysterious Isle of Thieves. The hero’s first tho...
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