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Unreal Engine
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Unreal Engine 4 for download

Posted by newman [Friday, 28 March 2014 - 14:26]   No comments

Epic released this last week :

"Today, Epic has opened up Unreal Engine 4 to the world! UE4 is now available for download in its entirety, including the full features, tools and the entire C++ source code for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android through a subscription plan. You can subscribe to UE4 for $19 per month, and ship games with UE4 commercially by paying 5% of gross revenue from product sales to users.
The engine includes lots of free content, including template games, sample games, content examples and more from the built-in Marketplace.
In UE4, all engine and game code are written in C++ using Microsoft Visual Studio (available free online) or Apple's Xcode. Designers can build code-free games using Blueprint visual scripting, but there's no UnrealScript, C# or JavaScript. GitHub is hosting the complete C++ source code for community-driven sharing and collaboration.
To get started, visit"

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