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Disabling Wordpress automatic core updates

  While some of you may be quite OK getting e-mail from your Wordpress site that it updated itself automatically to the last version, there may be so...
 19 February 2015 

OpenSSL vulnerability

  While others also report of this new vulnerability in OpenSSL, Mojang already urges users to change their passwords... "Two days ago a ser...
 10 April 2014 

DirectX 12 details

  Microsoft posted details of the next DirectX iteration. Swears it's not a marketing spin :) "DirectX 12 introduces the next version of...
 25 March 2014 

Futuremark announces Servermark

  Futuremark is creating a new benchmark for measuring and comparing the performance of servers. Designed for industry, enterprise and press users, S...
 18 February 2014 

Get your Twitter shares

  As per BBC : "Social networking company Twitter has said it plans to raise $1bn (£619m) in its stock market debut in documents filed...
 6 October 2013 

Ubisoft 0wned

  From the 0wned horses' mouth : "We recently discovered that one of our websites was exploited to gain illegal access to some of our on...
 3 July 2013 

Photoshop goes subscription only

  An article on Slashdot brings to attention the new plan of Adobe regarding their subscribsion only model : "According to CNET and various ...
 7 May 2013 

No DirectX 12

  Slashdot notes : "This is a strange story. AMD Vice President of Global Channel Sales Roy Taylor has said there will be no DirectX12 at an...
 25 April 2013 

Unreal Engine 4 Project Awakened video

  Here's a pretty UE4 video  :
 4 March 2013 

Ubuntu for smartphones

  Citing WSJ : "Smartphones running the open source Ubuntu operating system will be available to customers beginning in October 2013, accord...
 7 February 2013 

Fix Windows 7 input lag with vsync on

  I currently dual boot Windows 7 Ultimate and Windows Xp Professional. I work in 7 but I still play in XP. And the reason is input lag with Vsync tu...
 27 November 2011 

Windows 8 and PC gaming

  More Windows 8 hoopla. This time around, Techradar understands that next years' new Windows will be a boon for PC gaming on Earth... Ch...
 24 May 2011 

Microsoft buys Skype

  Microsoft has bought Skype for $8.5 billion, in an all cash deal. The deal closed a few hours ago.  The Wall Street Journal confirmed the news...
 10 May 2011 

Upgrading from DOS to Windows 7

  This guy had the idea of testing how Microsoft Windows handles upgrading and keeping user settings from DOS/Windows 1.0 through the latest and the ...
 4 March 2011 

The State Of Game Audio

 As nothing interesting seems to happen today, from a news point of view, maybe you are in the mood to read about the state of game audio.Here.
 5 September 2008 

Open E3

 Kotaku's spies caught the last industry rumor: Open E3, which means the event will be open also to regular people, not gaming-industry only.ESA's boar...
 3 September 2008 

OpenGL 3.0 released to gaming industry dissapointment

 OpenGL 3.0 specs. get released today to the gaming developer community dissapointment.What was initially stated to be a major rewrite, turns out to be...
 12 August 2008 

IBM for non paranoid pot smokers

 If you smoke too much and forget stuff but you're not getting paranoid often that the government is after you, IBM has some software for your a** :)
 1 August 2008 

DirectX 11 officially announced

 Microsoft has officially confirmed DirectX 11, during Gamefest 2008 which was held in Seattle.Summary:DirectX 11 will be Windows Vista/future versions...
 23 July 2008 

Lively - new app from Google

 Google Lively it's a Google app which is in works for over two years and a half.What is Lively?"a browser-based online world in which users can design...
 9 July 2008 

It's official: Activision Blizzard Approved

 Activision's shareholders were more than happy to approve the merge with Vivendi Games.Vivendi's ones were already happy, so, the industry's got a new...
 9 July 2008 

PS3 firmware update 2.40 comes with achievements

 Playstation Blog has word that the next major update to the PS3 firmware will feature Xbox style achievements (trophies) as well as added XMB funciton...
 19 June 2008 

Microsoft helps police extract evidence

 We learn from Seattle Times of a new bit of technology that allows law enforcement to bypass all security on a Windows computer.One more reason to swi...
 30 April 2008 

Sony to launch online video service for PlayStation 3

 With over 9 Mil PS3 consoles sold worldwide, rumor is out that Sony is going to re-enter the digital distributio market by means of a film service for...
 22 April 2008 

Tim Sweeney talks about Unreal Engine 4

 Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, talks about Unreal Engine 4.0 with TG Daily. Word is:  TG Daily: Letís talk about your game visions for the futu...
 13 March 2008 

Steam Surpasses 15 Million Accounts

 Valve Software has announced that its PC digital delivery platform - Steam, now has over 15 million user accounts, with the company reporting a 158% g...
 8 February 2008 

Microsoft looking to buy Yahoo

 Microsoft has announced that it has offered to acquire Yahoo for $31 per share, 62% above the current trading price on Wall Street, making for a total...
 1 February 2008 

Windows Vista SP1 coming next week?

 Hereís what might be good news for Vista lovers. The guys at are saying that finally, the long awaited Windows Vista Service Pack 1 is onl...
 1 February 2008 

Microsoft Offers Windows Vista Ultimate for Free ...or perhaps not!

 If you have 18 years old and you are an US resident, then Microsoft offers you a free copy of Windows Vista Ultimate if you "surrender" your privacy ....
 12 December 2007 

Microsoft cuts back on Silver Live access

 It looks like Microsoft dragged something else with the new Xbox Live Fall Update. If you've got an Xbox 360 and a Silver Xbox Live account, from now ...
 5 December 2007 

Windows XP SP3 Released To Small Group

 The last rumors on the internet tell us that Microsoft has released a copy of Windows XP SP 3 in the lap of the small group of testers. They say that ...
 11 August 2007 

Id and Valve violating GPL

 Seems that Id and Valve are violating the GPL licence by distributing old Id games like Hexen and Heretic through Steam and using Dosbox.The GPL licen...
 6 August 2007 

Live On Vista - Demonstration Trailer

 All you need to know about "Live." Features, cool stuff and ...errr Windows Vista.
 17 April 2007 

Final Wii Opera Browser Available

 The final version of Wii Opera Browser is now available for free download. To use it, you'll need to update your system software as well as download t...
 12 April 2007 

Gmail for ALL

 According to the webservice called Gmail is no longer available by invitation only. Now the welcome page lets you create your own account a...
 9 February 2007 
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