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We tried to set a game rating system that allows fairness but also flexibility in what concerns the final rating, and at the same time is intuitive and easily understood by those that read us.
Therefore, the criteria used to rate a game are Graphics, Sound, Gameplay and Production (In the order you usually take note of them while playing). Each of these ratings holds a certain percentage in the final 0-100 rating.

The short version

Final note = (Gameplay rating x 0,4) + (Graphics rating x 0,3) + (Sound rating x 0,2) + (Production rating x 0,1)

The Long version

Graphics - 30% of the final rating

As we said, they are called video games for a reason. So graphics IS important (as size does matter, don't be fooled:)).

Sound - 20% of the final rating

Sound is very important. Just try playing something without sound. Also good music is good :)

Gameplay - 40% weight in the final rating

The success of a game depends mostly on this criterion. There are games that don’t shine when it comes to sounds or graphics, in spite of which they are played by millions and millions of people. Why? They are funny, sometimes even addictive, they help you relax, they get you high :), some of them have really good stories, some of them are just... art

Production - 10% of the final rating

We factor 10% as the last criterion the so called production values. And this includes lots of stuff for such a small percent, but that's how things always turn out...
Included are the qualities of the software in general, the hardware specs, bugs, polish, presentation, user interface, design, platforms supported and everything else you can think of of this sort.

What is good and what is wack?

Welp, the way we look at it it's like this :
Score 0 - 50 : We should not have such games on the website :) If we have'em means that we hated them so much.
Score 50 - 60 : If it's a sequel to a game you liked, or same developer or you're just hardcore then YES you should play it otherwise it's safe to skip.
Score 60 - 80 : The game uses recipes for success and you will have some fun with it guarranteed. If it's a sequel to something you digged and so on you'll have a great time if not (and you're kinda picky) probably not
Score 80 - 100 : These are all either excellent genre defining games or pure art. This is what you MUST play if you play games